GALAXY Fixed and Telescopic enclosure options, low, medium or high, or a combination of heights. All enclosures can raise the water temperature of a pool by up to 12°C. They can be freestanding or attached to your home or a wall. GALAXY enclosures offer an attractive design and wide
choice of colours.


2023 Guide Prices

Pool Size Enclosure Size Approx. Price
24’ x 12’ (7.31 x 3.66 m) 28’ x 19’ (8.59 x 6.0 m) £37,524
30’ x 15’ (9.15 x 4.57 m) 35’ x 21’ (10.72 x 6.5 m) £42,419
The above prices include VAT and are produced as a guide for prospective clients. Please call or click enquire for a quotation.

Key Features  On display on show site

  • The perfect cover for free-form and rectangular pools
  • Able to span wide pools
  • The slimmer structure is less prominent
  • No thresholds or ground rails to cause a trip hazard
  • Solid construction
  • Easy to handle, elegant
  • Both sides can be opened by sliding up windows into the roof
  • Optional iris dome can be fitted
  • Sliding or concertina doors are available

FREE Technical Assessment Visit

A very important part of our pool enclosure service is the FREE technical assessment visit. The reason this is so important is that in our experience no two enclosures are completely the same regarding the location of the swimming pool vs adjacent buildings, the topography of the site and access to the site. In some cases, we have even had to arrange cranes to deliver the pool enclosure! The technical site visit allows us to assess all of these and also fine-tune the design for you before finally giving you a formal quotation for your pool enclosure.  If you would like to arrange a FREE technical site visit please call us on 01291 690 614 or Contact Us.





Galaxy Enclosure Design Options

Free Standing ►►


Low Telescopic  ►►


High Telescopic ►►

Great value for swimming all year round

Economical solution for small to medium size pools

Complete flexibility for all weather conditions

pre-owned jacuzzi® j-345


GALAXY enclosures are different from other enclosures that move on railings. The enclosure structure has been designed to integrate into the surroundings of the pool, so it is therefore not necessary to remove it. For this reason, GALAXY enclosures can be opened for their entire length on all sides of the pool with sliding doors - that are easy to handle - as well as with special wall endings, which will be introduced later. When the structure is in an open position,  only the enclosure supports remain on the ground, spaced every 2.1 m. Therefore, no thresholds or rails obstruct traffic going in and out of the pool. This structural solution makes GALAXY enclosures aesthetically elegant and graceful. 

galaxy enclosure

The sliding doors are made of two horizontally divided, separately moveable elements, which make it possible for the sliding doors to slide into the supporting arches in separate parts along the long side. The easy opening was the basic requirement when designing GALAXY enclosures. A line of brushes fitted into the supporting arch ensures easy sliding, while a clever, fall prevention device ensures the safe sliding of the doors. A 70X100 mm cross-section aluminium profile construction provides protection against strong winds and snow affecting the enclosure. 

The special door structures of Galaxy enclosures provide assurance that even when open they are still child safe. This  cannot be done by any other telescopic sliding enclosure. The upper part of the split door can be opened while the bottom part remains in the closed position. This way, it is ventilated, while at the same time protecting children from the water to a height of 1.1 meters all around the enclosure.

galaxy enclosure

Additional Information

The metal of the GALAXY structure can be ordered in white (RAL 9010) or moss green (RAL 6005), which are the standard design colours. Wood patterns or other RAL-coded surface treatments are available as other options. The roof surface of the GALAXY enclosure is made of double-glazed glass while the side doors and wall endings are made of a glassy transparent polycarbonate sheet.


The basic GALAXY type enclosure design is symmetrical, with up to a 10 m span. There are sliding doors on both sides of the enclosure, which can be opened up to a height of 2.1 m. The doors are divided horizontally and can be moved separately. GALAXY enclosures can be modularly expanded in 2.1 m steps at each end along the longitudinal axis.   


The asymmetrically designed GALAXY enclosures are perfectly suited to be attached to other buildings.  The GALAXY ASYMMETRIC I. may be attached to the wall of a building and is available up to a 7m span.  Special plumbing or drainage is not necessary because precipitate runs off the enclosure. 


We recommend GALAXY ASSIMETRIC II. with a longer span (max 10 m), which may be attached to either the side or top of a wall. The top of the enclosure is higher than the point of attachment, so precipitate will flow towards the wall. We offer a guttering plan for managing this precipitate,  which can easily be carried out by a local tradesman.


Warranty details are given on request and with the installation of the purchased enclosure.


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