SERVICE & Maintenance


When does my hot tub need to be serviced?

Whether your hot tub is brand new or established for years, it is necessary to have a regular service to ensure good running order and prolong its life. Servicing is a way of spotting potential issues and resolving them before they become an unexpected expense. Early diagnoses of a fault can be dealt with efficiently and effectively and could possibly save you a possible call out charge. Our engineers are trained to follow a 22-point mechanical service plan designed by Jacuzzi® to ensure the spa’s continued performance and efficiency. Please call us on 01291 690 614 or email us at if you would like any more details on the services we offer.


I need help fixing my hot tub

When things go wrong, we offer a friendly, reliable service with our professionally trained engineers, endeavouring to get your hot tub back up and running.  We can work on the majority of brands of hot tub, as long as the spare parts are supported in the UK. Please call or contact us to discuss the issues you are experiencing.


Swimming Pool Maintenance

Whether your pool is brand new or established for years, it is necessary to have a regular service to ensure good running order to prolong its life.  Weekly, fortnightly or monthly maintenance visits include; monitoring the chemicals in the water to ensure that they are at the required healthy level, general cleaning of the pool e.g., brushing, vacuuming, back washing, scum line removal, chemical testing, heating check, chemical supply and monitoring of all plant room equipment making sure the pool runs correctly. Regular servicing of your pool equipment is vital to not only get the most from your pool but to ensure longevity.

Regular Servicing

Your hot tub, swim spa or swimming pool is as much of an investment as your car, and on a similar wavelength it is recommended that to ensure perfect running conditions and to prolong the lifetime of the product, servicing should take place every 12 months.

Spread The Cost

We offer a range of monthly service payment plans from as little as £21 per month to help spread the cost of your servicing, and by signing up to our direct debit plan you will automatically become part of our customer loyalty program, entitling you to 10% discount on chemicals used during your service, pus unlimited telephone technical support.

Water management and care…

We stock a full range of chemicals, spare parts and accessories to help you get the best out of your hot tub, swim spa or swimming pool. Our friendly Oyster experts are always available in store or just give us a call for any general help or advice you need. For the ultimate in hassle free water management with a reduction in chemical usage make sure you talk to us about O-Care, a clever little weekly additive for your spa that not only protects pumps and pipework, it also maintains your water quality using less chemical additives.