All Types of Swimming Pools


For over 45 years Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs has been designing and constructing swimming pools to suit customer budgets and requirements.  The key to a successful project comes from down-to-earth advice, a professional manner and completing the project with the minimum of fuss. Our dedicated staff then look after ongoing needs

We are a fully accredited member of  S.P.A.T.A

The Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association.

All SPATA-approved members work to the SPATA Code of Ethics and SPATA Standards. You can also contact the SPATA office, and we can confirm their membership. Swimming Pools, Spas and Wellness products are high-ticket items; it can, therefore, be reassuring to know that you are purchasing from a trusted company that has been approved by the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association.

The regularly updated SPATA Standards keep abreast of developments in building / installing swimming pools and spa pools. SPATA expects its members to work to the relevant British and European Standards and other industry guidance. There is also a requirement to abide by an Industry Code of Ethics set out by SPATA.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Having a swimming pool situated within a building allows you to enjoy the pleasures of owning your pool all year round. It is a larger financial investment but gives you 365 days of use.

The internal pool hall atmosphere is measured and controlled using an environmental control system; controlling the air temperature, water temperature and humidity. These recover and recycle energy to provide you with the lowest running costs and most pleasant environment throughout the year.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

Outdoor swimming pools are designed to be used throughout the British summer, usually from April to September and shut down throughout the other months.

An outdoor pool is designed to maximise your and your family’s enjoyment in the summer. Whether this is teaching your children to swim, enjoying exercise at your own pace or relaxing with friends and family for special occasions, an outdoor pool will make your summer special.

Next-Generation Fibreglass/ One-Piece Pools

EVi Pools offer a range of one-piece pools that by design are simple yet luxurious, offering both perfect surface finishes and the latest technology in every pool.

The guided installation process provided by EVi is the culmination of years of development to deliver a simplified solution for domestic Fibreglass swimming pool installation.

An EVi Pool will give you everything that you need from a pool. Available in three different lengths (6m, 8m & 10m). All are designed to fit perfectly in your home for assisted Pool installation.

Starting from RRP £29,640.00 (inc vat)

Wooden Pools

Inground or Above Ground

Increasingly popular, more affordable and a contemporary design choice. They harmonise beautifully in natural surroundings and complement modern decking systems. We only use the best timbers from pressure-treated Scandinavian pine for the shell and durable hardwoods for the top rail surround.

Whether you install your pool above ground, sunken, or ‘half-in’, our self-build wooden pool kits could not be simpler to install and come complete with everything you will need from start to finish. This includes liners, surrounds, pumps, filters, steps, chemicals and a maintenance kit. The only element not included is the water!

Starting from RRP £11,542.00 (inc vat)

Swimming Pool Enclosures

Enjoy your swimming pool all year round whatever the weather with our range of pool enclosures giving your pool a room of its own. From telescopic models, to fixed enclosures, there’s a style to suit all tastes and budgets.

What could be more flexible than an enclosure that gives full covered protection and can be completely or partially retracted so you can enjoy your pool whatever the weather. 

Tiled Pools – The one pool


The One Pool is the simple and efficient way of installing a full-length mosaic tiled pool into any home.

Manufactured in the UK, this pool is unlike pools of the traditional concrete pool method. The One Pool is as simple as excavating a hole, pouring a concrete slab then simply lifting in your chosen tiled swimming pool. This dramatically reduces the total time of the project whilst maintaining the quality and finish of a mosaic-tiled swimming pool.

As the pool comes with stainless steel fittings as standard and a vast tile range, creating the perfect pool to match your desired aesthetic.

Swimming Pool Refurbishment

With over 45 years in business, we have the expertise needed to bring an old, worn-out pool back to life.

From a complete ground-up re-build, or smaller overhauls of finishes and equipment. Our experience will bring your pool up to date, turning a negative into a positive, and creating a value-adding asset you can’t wait to enjoy.

SwimSpa / All Season Pools

Your family swimming pool vision is now an affordable reality with a one-piece swimspa.

You no longer need the large area or the large budget to swim as far as you like for as long as you like in your own home.

Our Swim Spas offer all the advantages of an indoor or outdoor swimming pool with the simplicity of one-piece delivery. 

With prices starting from £15,000. Check out our SWIM SPA range.


Garden Leisure provides the perfect swimming pool for the lifestyle you deserve. The Garden Leisure range of above ground pools brings together creativity and accuracy to create the most advanced design in above ground pools. The components are carefully crafted using the latest materials and Vinyl Plexi-Coat finishes, which results in a product that performs as well as it looks for years to come.

All pools include: Patterned Overlap Liner, Sand Filter/Pump Combi, Media, Widemouth Skimmer, Hard Plumb Kit, Comfort Incline Ladder 48” / 52” and a Water Treatment Starter Kit.