Certikin Wooden Pools are a superb addition to any garden, providing you and your family with years of swimming fun, whilst its attractive design blends in perfectly with natural surroundings.  Certikin are a British company based in Oxfordshire that Oyster Pools has been working with for over 25 years. 


2023 Pool Kit Prices

Pool External Size Starting from
6.0 x 4.2 x 1.3m £13,522
4.2 x 4.2 x 1.3m £12,280
4.7 x 2.9 x 1.3m £11,542
Includes UK Mainland Delivery: Kerbside only. Arctic lorry with Moffit forklift.
The above prices include 20% VAT.

Pool Kit Includes:

  • Timber structure
  • Wooden entry steps
  • Stainless steel ladders
  • Certikin skimmer + fittings
  • Sand Filter & Multi-Port Vale
  • 0.5hp Circulation Pump
  • Silica sand for the filter
  • Stainless Steel Coping Inserts
  • Flexible white pipework
  • Maintenance / Cleaning Kit
  • 400 Micron solar cover
  • 30 Thou Liner (5 pattern choices)
  • Chemical starter kit
  • Instruction manual

Key Features:     Section on show site

  • Quick! – Build in 3-4 days
  • Free Standing Above Ground
  • Sunken / Full or Partial
  • Log-Lap Assembly
  • Scandinavian redwood walls
  • Requires a concrete base
  • Iroko Hardwood Coping 50mm
  • Requires NO metal braces
  • 60mm Styrofoam Insulation
  • 10mm foam underlay walls
  • 10-Year Warranty structural timber

Oyster Build Option.

We can provide a quotation to assist in installing your wooden pool 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Oyster Build Structure*** Fit Liner, Rigid Plumbing & Train customer.
  2. Oyster Rigid Plumbing at Pool Side – we undertake just the flexible plumbing
  3. Oyster Fit liner, Foam & Underlay*** – we undertake fitting foam, underlay and liner only

***Others to form the concrete base. Electrics to be done by others.





Wooden Pool – Optional Endless Pools™ FASTLANE™



The Fastlane® Pro system delivers Endless Pools® signature resistance current. With dozens of speed settings, from near-zero to all-fired-up, it’s always ready to accommodate any mood and activity level.

The Fastlane® Pro unit can be wall mounted at the end of your wooden pool. Then connected to the hydraulic motor which requires a 25 amp supply.



Wooden Pool Popular Options

Heating – Air Source Heat Pump

By capturing the solar heat in the air, and then exchanging it to the pool water.  Heat pumps are a very efficient way of heating your pool.  Their higher retail price is offset by your much lower heating costs.


Heating – Electric In-line Heater

These are the lowest-price option for heating the pool.  However, you will need a minimum of 32 amp supply.  If sized and used correctly they are effective but their low buying price is offset by a higher running cost.


Equipment – Reel for solar cover

Easy application and removal of the solar cover onto deck mounted reel by turning the handle.   Once wound onto the reel, it can be lifted off the pool if in the way. Then reapplied later.


Equipment – Underwater LED Light

Illuminate your pool in the evening with an optional underwater light..


Equipment – Wooden Housing for pump and filter

Add an optional wooden housing over your pump and filter unit. Made from the same timber as the structure of the pool.  Available in large & small.




Why a Certikin Wooden Pool?

Turn your dreams of owning your own swimming pool into reality with a Certikin wooden pool.

Your new Certikin wooden pool will bring together the most important things in your life – your leisure time, your health, and your loved ones – as you transform your garden into a private oasis for your exclusive enjoyment. Naturally, you will want to be absolutely confident that your purchase will provide value for money. Certikin is proud to be Britain’s leading swimming pool equipment manufacturer with more than 50 years of experience. Certikin products are recognised within the swimming pool industry as being of the highest quality, backed by comprehensive manufacturer warranties and the Certikin brand is not only synonymous with excellent product quality but also with first-class (before and after) service care. 



Available in 3 sizes:

Easy to build

Certikin wooden pools are easy to build using the put-together log-lap kit system. The structural timber has a 10-year guarantee and all Certikin wooden pools use the high-performance liner system from our in-house liner production facility. Pool fittings are of the highest quality - the same as those used on in-ground pools. All this adds up to giving you an above-ground pool with in-ground qualities.



A Choice of 5 Liner Patterns

All our liners are manufactured in the UK at Certikin’s purpose-built factory from the finest (30thou) materials using the most sophisticated technology in cutting and welding. Liners are available in the colours below as standard. Bespoke alternatives are available – please ask for details.

Additional Information


  • 1550 mm reinforced concrete.
  • 3000 mm larger than the pool’s external dimensions.
  • To be level across width/length.
  • If the structure is sunken, drainage is required around and away from the pool.
  • No earth to be in contact with timber



  • Must use a qualified electrician.
  • All plant to be MCB / RCD protected.
  • All connections/switches are to be IP44 or above rated for outdoor/waterproof use.
  • Type ‘C’ Breaker used for FASTLANE.





Warranty details are given on request and with the installation of the purchased pool and its associated equipment.

Timber Structure 10-Year Guarantee: The guarantee means that the pool should be installed as per our instructions and periodically treated like any outdoor wooden product. Burying in soil which could affect the dampness or put undue loading on the timbre structure are to be avoided.  If the pool is sunken, pea gravel should be backfilled against timber and drainage channels installed to take water away from the timber structure.


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