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swim spa exercise

Swim Spas are not just for swimming!

We are pretty sure, if you have a swim spa, you are already enjoying your workouts, but, if you haven’t, or you are thinking about buying a swim spa and want to know more about using a swim spa as your go-to for exercise, then this article is for you!  In this article you will find that there is a whole lot more you can do to really get the most out of it.

Getting into great shape, remaining healthy and enjoying exercise is really important for so many of us, particularly so for those who prefer or perhaps even need more weightless based exercise.  A swim spa really is the perfect piece of equipment for just that.

Of course, swimming is a huge feature of a swim spa, that goes without saying, but you can also do a lot more besides.  Cardio workouts, to strength training, stretching, yoga and more, are all options for swim spa exercise and activities.

swim spa exercise

Benefits to swim spa exercise

There are some fundamental benefits to taking exercise in a swim spa:

Eased Stress

Regular exercise can help with relaxation, resulting in feeling less stressed, and along with improved sleep patterns, can assist with the production of endorphins, which make us feel good.

Weightless Exercise

Weightless workouts are fantastic for those suffering with joint issues.  With water supporting the body’s weight, any exercise is gentler for those who are suffering injury, arthritis, or any form of joint or muscle pain.

Increased Calorie Burn

If you choose to jog or power walk in a swim spa, against a current, this can help to massively increase buoyancy and resistance capabilities and will act as a great calorie burn exercise.  Not forgetting to mention working to strengthen muscles and improve balance!


Warm water does wonders for the body’s muscle groups – so the act of exercising, swimming or relaxing in the warm of a swim spa, with all its jet technology, really does help to assist in improving motion and flexibility of the body in general.

swim spa exercise

Types of Swim Spa Exercises

We have picked out a few swim spa exercises for you, to either give you some ideas on exercise, or to help aid you in your research into investing in a swim spa.


A really satisfying way of walking, against a current! Power walking is an excellent swim spa exercise.  Set the current flow to suit, get used to walking against it and you can then increase the current when you feel you need to challenge yourself further.

swim spa exercise


Would you believe us when we told you that jogging in a swim spa burns more calories than traditional running?  It does!  The resistance of the current you are jogging against is the reason why.  A brilliant exercise for those who may suffer from joint pain, or issues with ankles, knees, hips, or ankles.  Again, increase the current over time to increase your fitness levels.


There are all sorts of exercise accessories that you can get for your swim spa.  Some, when you buy a swim spa, will come included with some great exercise add-ons.  Stretch- cords, dumbbells, floats and rowers are all great additions to your swim spa exercise regime, and really make things interesting and can offer you serious fitness benefits.

swim spa exercise

Weightless Weightlifting

Stretch cords, as they are known, can be attached to your swim spa, not just for rowing, but can be useful for effectively doing weights, much like you would at the gym.  Try adding in some bicep curls, tricep extensions and chest presses into the mix for a real upper body workout, all performed in a warm, relaxing and weightless environment.


Of course, not to forget swimming!  Swimming in a swim spa is different than a swimming pool, and with an increased physical resistance from the swim jets while swimming, your muscles get a more concentrated workout.  Swim at your own pace with controlled currents, or integrated programmed swim workouts.

swim spa exercise

Yoga Stretches

You can aid muscles gently but perfectly by practising some water yoga.  Improving your range of motion by allowing the body to hold yoga positions more easily, you can also stretch deeper too.  Learning yoga in a hot tub or swim spa is great for beginners, who can easily get to grips with balance.

We hope this has given you some good ideas as to the types of exercise that you can do in a swim spa, although these are by no means the only things you can do.  From squats to kickbacks, twists, ab crunches and even push-ups, there is a lot more to enjoy.

Take a look at the video below, from Jacuzzi® who know how to show us perfectly, the many ways to enjoy a swim spa.  If you have any questions about swim spas, hot tubs, swimming pools or saunas, feel free to contact us at any time.

Please feel free to browse our articles on Swim Spas to read more about their benefits and what options are available to you, should you be looking to buy your own!



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