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great reasons to buy a hot tub

Are you thinking of buying your very first hot tub? 

Great, that’s what we like to hear.  It can be quite daunting when looking to invest in your first hot tub and no matter how much research you do online, there is nothing better (or more important, in our opinion) than talking to the experts and at Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs we have over 45 years of experience in the industry.

A high-quality hot tub can improve your life in ways you may not have considered before. Read on to find out some of the reasons for buying a hot tub.   There are probably many more!

Taking Your Outdoor Space to a New Level

As people have increasingly invested more in their own personal space in recent years, hot tubs have become a statement in gardens, a reason to enjoy your outdoor private space and an ultimate getaway from the everyday stresses of life.  Garden space has become a premium for most households, and we now spend more time investing in how our outdoor areas look and feel as we strive to make them a space to increase our enjoyment and relaxation.

Investing in your first hot tub ensures that your outdoor area becomes a shrine of contentment and peace, whilst making a bold statement.  As designs change over time, hot tubs now come in a range of colours and finishes to enhance your gardens theme and feel.  Most Oyster customers feel that they are adding a little ‘luxury’ to their homes too.

Enjoying the Outdoors

You will notice, when buying your first hot tub, that you enjoy spending time outdoors, at any time of year.  Hot Tub enclosures, which now are also designed to be bold or subtle, offer shelter or shade in both summer and winter.  Sitting in your hot tub, keeping warm, when the weather may not be so warm itself, is quite a special feeling.

After a long day, there is nothing better than to be able to pop outside to your own garden for a relaxing break and soak in a warm hot tub.  With the massage jets gently penetrating those aching muscles, it is a great feeling!

reasons to buy a hot tub

Increased Exercise

You may not think that a hot tub could be useful for anything other than relaxation, but that is where you would be wrong!  Hot tubs are well known for their hydrotherapy benefits, which help to get you moving and improving muscle strength.  To exercise in water is one of the best ways to exercise, particularly for those of us who may have issues with bones and muscles.

The heated water in a spa or hot tub automatically increases blood flow and helps release toxins in the body. This creates a healthy foundation for simple movements that can make a big difference in your fitness routine.  A wide variety of exercises can be done in a hot tub — low-impact moves that promote heart health, weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility, and aid in injury prevention or rehabilitation.  We’ll write more on that in another article soon!

Improving your Health and Wellbeing

You might not realise, until you have actually tried a hot tub, how good they can be for you.  At Oyster we highly recommend ‘wet testing’ a hot tub or two.  As we always say, “you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, would you”?!  Having had customers visit to wet test a hot tub, the look on their faces will often offer the best way of understanding how good they actually make you feel!

The power of quality massage jets are undeniably beneficial for opening up blood vessels, increasing and improving blood circulation.  For those who perhaps suffer from conditions such as arthritis or rheumatism, sessions in a hot tub and proven to assist in easing pains and aches.  Not to mention runners, athletes and anyone else who may work regularly in a physical environment.

buying your first hot tub

Family & Friends

Having a hot tub in your home can seriously improve quality time with those that you hold dear.  Some Oyster customers assign specific time for their family to all come together for hot tub sessions, feeling that there is no better way to relax as a group, to talk about their week and talk over problems and find solutions in a very relaxing hot tub environment.

For others, it can be a social space, where friends can come over to spend an evening catching up over a drink and some laughs.  Whatever your preference, whether it be a private space for a family or for those who like to have friends over, a hot tub can be a special place.  Of course, there is nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself and having some quiet time either!

Pamper Time

This combines with many other reasons, but to own a hot tub and to allow yourself time to pamper in a hot tub can be very rewarding and invigorating!  Recent years have shown us how important it is to look after ourselves, to ensure that we are as healthy as we can be.  For us at Oyster this also means pampering sessions are a part of that.  Take some private time, treat yourself to some aromatherapy spa scents to add to your hot tub, to suit your mood and immerse yourself in the warm waves and lose yourself for a time!

reasons to buy a hot tub

Save Time!

What’s better than being able to get home from a hard day at work, getting changed and stepping out of your back door and straight into your own hot tub?  You don’t need to book yourself into a spa, take time travelling or pay additional fees.  You don’t need to worry about there not being any available appointments to suit you and your available time.

The beauty of having of having your own hot tub means you have time, and that is a precious thing.

Increase the value of your home

From your point of view, leaving your hot tub in situ when looking to sell your current home can be an attractive add on for the new homeowner.  It can also help to both enhance the property’s attractiveness to sell it, as well as adding on a proportionate value to the selling price.

Whilst hot tubs can be moved to your new home, you may want to think about the fact that many new homeowners find the option of having a ready installed and functioning hot tub as part of their property purchase a real bonus.

We hope this has given you some added incentive to really make the best use of your new home addition – a hot tub really can benefit your life in so many ways.  Feel free to take a look at our COMPLETE RANGE OF HOT TUBS, to suit a wide range of budgets and differing sizes, to suit everyone!



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