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wet testing hot tubs

Is it a good idea to wet test a hot tub?

Absolutely, yes!!  When investing time in researching buying a hot tub, that research really should include testing some.  As our team always says, ‘you wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on, and the same should always apply when looking to buy a hot tub’.  Sound advice!  wet testing a hot tub

Whilst the term ‘wet test’ is self-explanatory, it is much more than just sitting in warm water.  The importance of wet testing a hot tub is two-fold.  You will begin to understand the therapy benefits they can offer and secondly, you will get an immediate feeling of being relaxed and calm.

So, once you have made some choices about the type of hot tub that you would like to buy, whether that be for hydrotherapy, family, or just for you, take some time to test your final choices.

west testing a hot tub

What can I expect from a wet test?

At Oyster one of our favourite things for our consultants is to have people visit to wet test a hot tub or two.  There is a no rush, no hassle approach at all times, we really do like people to take their time when testing.  When looking at which hot tub to buy and understanding that it is set to last you for many years, you need to take the time over your test.

If you are looking to wet test more than one hot tub, then we recommend you test all your choices on the same day – thus giving you an immediate indication of which feels more suitable for you, as well being able to recall and remember better the differences of each one’s operation and functions.

Some people perhaps hesitate to come for a wet test, feeling shy or uncomfortable, but once they are in a tub, any inhibitions quickly disappear!  Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs will provide a changing room, robes, towels and refreshment and all wet tests are undertaken once our show site has closed for the day, so it is a very private experience.  All you need to bring is your swimsuits!!

Wet testing a hot tub

What things should I look out for when testing a hot tub?

Well, hopefully not that many, as our consultants go to great lengths to explain every single aspect of the hot tub you are testing – from how they operate to running costs, delivery, installation, pumps, jets, filters and much much more.  But, for your own knowledge, things to look out for and seek clarity if you need are:

Space – have you thought about the maximum number of people that might use your hot tub at any one time? Think about leg room and arm space around each of the seats based on maximum numbers.

Does it suit your needs? Even if you have done all your research, taking a hot tub wet test really allows you to now pin down the type of tub you need, taking into consideration loungers and seats and what you need from them.

Massage Jets – your experience of jets in one tub, can be very different to that of another – at Oyster we only sell high end quality hot tubs, so you will always know that what you are testing is the best on the market – but you may also prefer a particular location or type of jet in a particular tub. Each jet in a hot tub will offer a different experience, no one jet is the same and each one targets a different set of muscle groups.  Which one do you prefer or need?

Seat height – this might sound strange, but if you intend to use your hot tub all year round, think about sitting in it in the colder months, can you sit comfortably and does the water level come to your shoulders? It’s important to know that you can remain warm in winter.

Comfort quality – when mentioning quality, we don’t mean the hot tub itself, this is a given when buying with Oyster. We actually refer to the quality in terms of ergonomics.  Take some time to rest in a lounger if you are looking at that option, do you feel like it ‘fits’ you? Do the same with seats.  Hot tub models can differ in terms of the versatility that loungers and seats offer.

Wet testing a hot tub

Making a decision

We know buying a hot tub is a large investment, one which you will be using for years to come, so we will make sure that you are given the best information to help you make an informed decision.

With Oyster you will certainly be given ample time and opportunity to make a decision on a hot tub that is best for you, without any pressure at all.  We are extremely passionate about our business, as well as being experts in our field, and are more than happy to answer all your questions and clarify things for you at any time.  To start your hot tub experience check out our HOT TUB RANGE.

You can also wet test a swim spa too, an altogether different and invigorating experience!


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