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what is a swim spa

Swim Spa Possibilities

Have you been thinking about the possibilities of installing a swim spa pool for your home?  Perhaps you may have been looking at a swimming pool and have come across a swim spa pool as an alternative?  Or, perhaps you are just interested to know what a swim spa is, which can also be referred to as an endless pool?!  Read on to find out more about what these superb exercise and relaxation products are all about.

If you have been looking at swimming pools, but for various reasons, such as size, space, cost and maintenance, they might not be the perfect option, spend some time looking at a swim spa as an alternative option.  In the main, swimming pools are cold water and for utilisation in the warmer summer months only, whereas a swim spa can be classed as year-round use.  Having been on the market for over 10 years now, they continue to grow in popularity as an option for those wanting an easy to use and maintain pool.

what is a swim spa

So, what is a swim spa?

Essentially, a swim spa is a one piece pool, which perhaps offers you the best of both worlds.  By this we mean you can experience the enjoyment of relaxation with the therapeutic benefits that a hot tub provides, alongside the health benefits of swimming exercise – a hybrid if you like.  A swim spa is also heated and can reach temperatures of 40 degrees if you wish to relax in the heat, or for a swim it can be reduced to a more suitable 30-33 degrees or lower.

A swim spa has an inbuilt current flow system, which allows you to swim in a stationery position, much like a treadmill would for runners.  These current systems provide a non-stop stream of water flow and all the user has to do is swim against the current.  You will never have to turn or tap a wall.  Swimming on the spot if you like!

The current is created by a motor and pump, or turbine, that push water through swim jets. Swim spas can also have various jet types, both swimming and buoyancy, to offer a different type of swim experience.  The pump handles the flow rate of water through these jets, which can offer different levels of resistance to your experience.

With a swim spa you will also see options to customise your own exercise regime with programmes for manual workout, timed workouts and custom workout modes.

what is a swim spa

Who is a swim spa suitable for?

Swim spa pools are certainly multifunctional and very versatile, used by exercise junkies but also are ideal for teaching children to swim in, families to relax in, and to have some fun in!

A swim spas primary functions are great for those looking at doing some serious swimming exercise, as you may have recently seen more prominently with Adam Peaty, our Team GB swim supremo. Adam used a swim spa provided by Jacuzzi for his training during covid lockdown, prior to the 2021 Olympics.  They create the perfect environment for those wanting to really push themselves, just in a smaller space and without the effort of travelling to and from training locations.  Equally, there are many functions on a swim spa enabling you to take it a bit easier too, and swim at your own pace.

You will also see in the photos throughout this article, that there are seating areas, which is where the benefits of a hot tub experience are mixed into the swim spa.  These seats will also have their own massage jets for targeting certain muscle groups.  They can therefore also be used for hydrotherapy and recovery after a long swim.

what is a swim spa

A swim spa pool is the perfect place for kids, to both learn to swim and to have some aquatic play time.  Being in your own garden or housed-in area allows them to play safely, and is a place where you can keep an eye on them too.  It is a great way for the family to spend time with their children, and we all know that exercise is good for both mental and physical health.

Swim spa pools are increasingly popular with the active older generation, who perhaps find a more private and quiet experience to their benefit.  Being able to walk a short distance from their back door and spending time in their own swim spa is more practical for them, as is the ability to personalise their own experience in terms of current flow and temperature.

Another useful function of a swim spa is light/weightless exercise, such as stretching and aqua aerobics – most models will have a soft, non-slip matt in the footwell for you to feel comfortable about not slipping and aids exercise.  For more serious exercise swim spas can be used for resistance training too.  Most swim spa manufacturers will provide a range of accessories such as resistance bands that can be fitted to the swim spa for when you are doing your exercises.

Hopefully for these reasons, it is clear that a swim spa pool can be used for many reasons by many people!

what is a swim spa

What is a swim spa made of and how it is installed?

In most cases, and for the range of models available from Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs, swim spa pools are a one piece product, moulded from acrylic.  They are therefore portable and can be installed in a variety of places, both outdoor and indoor.  They are clad in various design and colour options, which can easily fit into your own colour scheme choice.

They can be installed as a free-standing unit or you can have them installed in ground too, if you would like to have it more level with the grounds surface.  They can be set into a deck of some kind or placed onto a solid and level concrete surface.

All of the running equipment, such as pumps, heater, filters etc are all installed within the unit, so there is a not a huge amount of external components to them, apart from the control panel itself.

Another benefit of course, is that a swim spa pool is portable, so you can always take it with you if you choose to move home!

what is a swim spa

What are the benefits of a swim spa?

Your health – obviously the main benefit has to be health related. Swimming regularly is good for the body, the heart, good for weight loss, treatment for arthritis, reducing stress, eases tension, aids recovery, better sleep and so much more.  Wellbeing is truly enhanced in all areas.

Convenience! You really can enjoy all the benefits and fun that you might also find at public and commercial swimming pools, but you don’t have to travel and it’s more private!

It’s a feature! Adding a swim spa to your home can make a real statement of your outdoor space.  It is both an eye catcher and a piece of bold architecture at the same time!

Social time – time with family is always well spent, particularly when you can meet up, have some down time and/or exercise at the same time.

what is a swim spa

How much does a swim spa cost?

You may think from having read all this, that they cost a fortune!  However, considering the cost and ongoing maintenance of a swimming pool, you should be pleasantly surprised.  Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs supply a range of swim spa pools from three different quality manufacturers, Jacuzzi, Vortex and Opal Spas.

At the time of writing, a 12ft swim spa by Vortex costs from £18,000, with the highest spec 19ft model by Jacuzzi currently starting at £38,699.

Always check the Oyster website and the SWIM SPA RANGE for the complete listing at any time and don’t forget, we offer various finance options too.

what is a swim spa

Can I try a swim spa?

Absolutely! At Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs we actively encourage you to come and wet test a swim spa for yourselves – you really do need to try one out!  You are welcome to bring your family and try any or all of the swim spa pools that we have fully operating at our show site in Raglan.  We can offer private tests after our show site closes when you are then free to take as much time as you like with one our consultants who will happily share their knowledge and expertise with you.  We also provide a free site visit to your home to look at the possibilities for installation.

We hope that this article has given you food for thought about owning your own swim spa pool.  If you would like to know more about swim spas and hot tubs then feel free to browse other articles in our Becoming An Owner section.



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