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questions to ask buying hot tub

So many questions to ask!

The excitement of deciding that you are going to invest in your lifestyle by getting a hot tub can often lead to a panic about what you need to know before you go shopping!  Admittedly, whilst there is a lot of information to digest, Oyster will help you to feel at ease when buying a hot tub.

Focus on what your main motivation for wanting to own a hot tub is and you will start to find that the options become a little clearer for you :

There may be a lot of questions in your mind, but, if you are not sure where to start, then the following questions should help prepare you for your visit to our showroom.

Why do I want or need a hot tub?

This has to be the first and most important question you need to answer for yourself.  Only once you have answered that question, can you then begin to ask yourself more!

Is your hot tub primarily for yourself and perhaps one or two other people, or do you want it for the social aspects, and something that more people will be using?  Hot tubs can be small enough for two but some can seat up to eight or nine, so it goes without saying that you really need to determine this as it will define your requirements more clearly.

What do you want your hot tub to do for you?  Perhaps you want a hot tub purely for socialising and relaxing?  Do you need a hot tub for recouperation and recovery, if you are perhaps involved in sports that are physically demanding?  Do you want or need a hydrotherapy feature, that will help to alleviate joint pain?  The list of benefits and reasons to buy a hot tub are numerous and lengthy, so it is good to clarify your needs.  There are various jet types, as well as seating options, not to mention differing features and controls that will often also need to be thought of.

questions to ask buying a hot tub

Where do I want to locate my hot tub?

In most cases, for hot tubs, all that is required is a level and sturdy surface and a nearby power supply.  Lots of people have them close to their home in the back garden, just for ease of being able to pop out of the back door and get straight in.  Some people like to hide their hot tub in the garden, surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers.

Some people like to prepare a specific area, to make a real feature of their hot tub, which may include decking, that either wraps around their hot tub, or sinks into it.  You may want to locate your hot tub further away from the house, to gain some extra peace and privacy.  There should also be some thoughts around location from an energy saving point of view too.  You can learn more about that in our hot tub energy savings tips article!

Always remember, that no matter your situation, if you are unsure about the perfect location of your hot tub, we will always be able to help and advise.

questions to ask buying a hot tub

What features are important to look for in a hot tub?

We have covered the main question of why you want or need a hot tub, so this will therefore help you determine what features will be important to you when choosing the perfect hot tub, for you.  Seating should be considered when looking at particular features.  You will see options referred to as ‘seat’s and/or ‘loungers’, so think carefully as to whether you would like to be able to lounge at full length or to have seats of varying types.

Massage jets are hugely important to your hot tub experience.  Again, going back to the reasons why you may want or need a hot tub, you will need to ask yourself exactly which areas of the body you might wish to specifically target, if it all.

Do you like to listen to music?  Many hot tubs come with Bluetooth systems pre-installed, but some do not, so have a think about your options here.  Lighting is another feature, as they can offer a superior hot tub experience at night-time!  The exterior finish may also be important to you, both in terms of the type, pattern and colour of the cladding.

Things you may not yet understand but will be given information on is the water cleaning systems, as well as control systems which both heat and clean your hot tub.  You may then have some questions after understanding these features a little more!

Again, don’t be too concerned, once you start wet testing some hot tubs, these things will all start to become a little clearer to you.

hot tub energy saving tips

What guarantees do hot tubs come with?

Any hot tub that is purchased from Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs comes with guarantees.  As we sell only top brand products, such as Jacuzzi, Vortex and Opal, you should feel comfortable that you are purchasing a product that cares about its customer experience and the quality and craftmanship of its products.

Guarantee lengths vary depending on the model you are looking to purchase but generally there are various guarantees given on the following:

Hot Tub Shell Structure

Hot Tub Shell Surface

Equipment and Controls

Plumbing Components


Audio systems

questions to ask buying a hot tub

How much will it cost to run my hot tub?

This is a major component of your hot tub purchase and most definitely a question you need to be asking.  Costs quoted to customers by Oyster will always be based on a standard calculation and depends on the type of hot tub you eventually buy.

Oyster Pools & Hot Tubs make their calculations based on yearly surveys from hot tubs installed in all the ranges that we stock, and we also offer a guide to running costs.  Calculations are generally based on factors such as:

  • 24 pence per kilo watt
  • 4 water changes per year (every 3 months)
  • 38°C water temperature all year round
  • Cover on when not in use.
  • Usage based on an average of 3 x 20 minute sessions per week

At the time of writing, you may assume that on a small hot tub model for 2-3 people will calculate a cost of approx. £0.90 per day, whereas a larger model for 6-7 would cost £1.42 a day.  However, this will always depend on deviations from the standard calculation criteria above, if you use your hot tub more frequently, or run the temperature lower or higher.  Costs are subject to change and we advise that you should always ask about running costs and how they are calculated.

questions to ask buying hot tub

We think the questions we have discussed here are the main ones to be asking yourself, and us, when you are looking to buy your first hot tub.  We will always recommend wet testing some hot tubs anyway, so that you get a really good feel and understanding for the individual tubs to enable you to make a shortlist when you are ready.

We hope this has helped you and look forward to helping you on your hot tub journey and beyond!  Please feel free to browse our Becoming an Owner section for more articles and information.



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