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With exceptional style created by architect and designer Alberto Apostoli, the SASHA offers a huge range of features to enjoy in a relaxing and calming environment. The most comprehensive version consists of three modules: sauna, emotional shower and hammam, which can be used either separately or in combination. The Sasha is perfect for hospitality venues such as spas and hotels seeking to offer premium well-being opportunities to their guests, or for those seeking a comprehensive at-home self-care space.

  • Finnish, Roman & Biosauna programmes
  • Remote control
  • Cascade, raindrop & emotional shower
  • Steam bath kit
  • Variable hue light system
  • 225.0.  402.0.   211.0



Model Jan 2023 RRP
SASHA 2.5 Sauna LH + Shower + Hammam RH EA90 Black (porta 90) £69,499
SASHA 2.5 Hammam LH + Shower Black £49,699
SASHA 2.5 Sauna RH PLL Black (porta lato lungo) £28,699
SASHA MI Sauna+Hamman LH Black Pine £30,999
Excludes Installation £POA           All prices include 20% VAT

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Solid wood, chromotherapy and set-up for cable radio as standard describe the colours and tunes of your well-being. And then two more benches, one of which is removable, a wooden pail and ladle, thermo-hygrometer, hourglass and touch controls, so you can enjoy the rituals of a professional spa.Programmes:

  • Bio Sauna: 60°C - 30-35% humidity
  • Roman Sauna: 70-75°C - 20-25% humidity
  • Finnish Sauna: 90°C - humidity below 12%
sasha sauna
Double rain-effect shower head, water blade, emotional shower with 3 jets, spray mist and chromotherapy activated from a dedicated touch panel describe and define the Jacuzzi® home wellness solution. Programmes:Cold mist: a very fine, almost velvety mist, ideal for a cool or cold shower.Fine rain: a rain shower with medium-sized droplets and a cone-shaped spray.Tropical rain: a spray stronger, and more energetic than fine rain, with a “massage” effect
Just like in the best and finest spas: light with variable colours and fine furnishings, dedicated bench, wall panelling and water fountain in white Corian®. The handheld fountain shower and the rain-effect shower head cool you off after the steam cycle or invite you to use the Hammam as a shower. Versatility is also well-being.Programmes:

  • Tepidarium: ~38°C – medium humidity
  • Hammam: ~40°C - high humidity
  • Calidarium: ~42°C - high humidity