Covana systems are more than just hot tub covers. They are also completely automated gazebos which offer you maximum comfort, safety and intimacy. Made in Canada using the latest, state-of-the-art materials, our products are designed to endure the most rigorous climates while saving you money on unnecessary water, heating bills and maintenance products.


Covana Prices July 2022

Oasis from £8,795
Evolution from £8,295
Legend from £14,995
Oasis £850
Evolution £850
Legend £950
*Within 1 hour of Oyster Pools.  All prices include 20% VAT



Key Features  On display on show site

  • Higher insulating value than a standard cover
  • Versatile and compatible with multiple hot tub sizes
  • Raises and lowers with the simple turn of a key
  • Can stop lift or lower for your preference
  • Covers the entire surface of your hot tub and locks securely
  • Avoid planning permission height restrictions

Stock Status:

STOCK ARRIVING THROUGHOUT 2022.  Please contact us for availability  


The Covana Range

Oasis ►►

Evolution  ►►

Legend  ►►

Oasis (Darling or Shingle Roof) £8,795
Oasis Panoramic – c/w 3 x Rainforest Blinds £10,995
Optional Blind – Shade/Screen (each) £695
Optional Blind – Island/Zen (each) £1,095
Panoramic Blinds – 3 x Rainforest Blinds £2,595
Optional Mounting Plates x 4 £395
8ft x 8ft £8,295
9ft x 9ft £8,795
10ft x 10ft £9,295
11ft x 8ft £9,895
Optional Blind – Shade/Screen (each) £695
Optional Blind – Island/Zen (each) £895
Optional Blind – Shade/Screen 9ft, 10ft ,11ft (each) £1,095
Panoramic Blinds – (not available)
Optional Mounting Plates x 4 £395
12ft, 13ft, 14ft, 15ft £14,495
16ft, 17ft, 18ft, 19ft, 20ft £15,995
Legend X – 21ft (6.4m) £18,495
Legend X – 24ft (7.32m) £19,995
Extra Escape Hatch (dual zone) £995
Extended Brackets – Swimspas over 54″ high x 4 £195
Dual Side Brackets – Swimspas less than 49″ & more than 61″ high x 4 £195
Endless Pool™ Hardware Kit (E550) £195

Oyster delivery and build option:

Closed hidden
INCLUDES: FREE Site Visit to check location and base, prior to fitting

With every Covana we sell where we are installing for customers, we offer a FREE site visit to check delivery access and advise the customer on the product’s chosen location within the garden.   We measure the access from the roadside to the final location to make sure the chosen model size will fit. We will also discuss the power requirements and position.

Non-standard delivery: (Extra cost): If after our free site visit, we are unable to safely deliver the product by a standard method. Then we will provide and arrange quotations to hire machines or scaffolds to deliver the product.


Oasis £850
Evolution £850
Legend £950
1-hour travel from Oyster, longer £POA
All prices include 20% VAT  

The COVANA EVOLUTION offers a wide range of solutions as it is compatible with square hot tubs from 7’ to 8’ and rectangular units from 8’ x 9’ to 8’ x 11’ and also for the first time, an automatic solution for round hot tubs up to 8’.  Its refined design gives the COVANA EVOLUTION a sleek and streamlined look while its adjustable size offers the greatest range of possibilities to fit larger hot tubs. We are proud to make elegance, security and ease-of-use available to you to make your spa experience a unique one!

Square: 7’ to 8’ (2.11m to 2.43m)
Rectangular: 8’ x 9’ to 8’ x 11’ (2.43m x 2.74m to 2.43m x 3.35m)
Round: Up to 8’ (2.42m) in diameter

covana enclosure

The Covana OASIS is not only a hot tub cover, it’s also an automated, state-of-the-art, easy-to-use gazebo!  Closed: Its water-tight seal reduces the spa’s heating costs due to its superior insulation value while, at the same time, preventing undesirable access, thus protecting your investment for as long as you own it!  Open: Within 20 seconds, you have a modern, elegant gazebo that protects you against storms and harmful ultraviolet radiations, providing you with a private space where you can dream, think and reflect, thanks to retractable shades available as an option. The Solar Powered lighting system was designed to create a warm, friendly atmosphere and relaxing ambiance based on a combination of 7 carefully-chosen colours.

Rectangular: 83” to 93” (2.11m to 2.36m)

covana enclosure

With the Covana LEGEND, your swim spa will be more accessible and easier to use than ever! In almost any weather condition, the cover can be retracted with the simple turn of a key and after only a few seconds, you can dive in and enjoy it without ever having to struggle with a cumbersome cover (It’s fully automated!).  When closed, this robust cover, with a far higher insulation value than more traditional hot tub covers, provides unequalled protection while preventing undesirable access to children, animals and intruders. Once opened, its roof will protect you from bad weather conditions and the solidity of its design will ensure your peace of mind, regardless of how bad the conditions are. In addition, its flexible design makes it ideal for both oval and rectangular swim spas.

Rectangular or Rounded Ends : 12’ to 20’ (3.7m to 6.1m)




Warranty details are given on request and with the delivery of purchased cover.

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