2023 Prices

13ft x 7’6″ (3.97 x 2.31 m) £3,799
14ft x 7’6″ (4.27 x 2.31 m) £4,090
16ft x 7’6″ (4.88 x 2.31 m) £4,199
17ft x 7’6″ (5.19 x 2.31 m) £4.340
19ft x 7’6″ (5.80 x 2.31 m) £4,599
Shelf Bracket (pair) £299
All prices include 20% VAT
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Key Features   – On display on the show site

  • A strong, durable, lockable safety cover
  • Fully framed to handle snow load
  • Locks in heat, lowering energy consumption and cost
  • Optional shelf brackets are available
  • Built to last in all elements and weather conditions
  • The top and stitching are all UV protected
  • Roll-off cover in less than 60 seconds

How are rollaway different?

  • Starting with the bladder or bottom insulating layer, Our cover is a one-piece design. This enables the user to roll the cover straighter, significantly reducing the chance of it falling in the water.
  • The Bottom Layer is 13MM XPE Closed Cell foam. This material is Lighter than the Layers of pearl foam used by END2END and is significantly more buoyant than E2E and has a double-sided foil radiant shield to prevent heat loss.
  • We then have 2 additional double-sided 3MM foil radiant shields, 1 above the support bars and the other on top of the support ribs creating 3 separate air pockets that provide superior energy efficiency.
  • Our support rods are carbon fibre-based compared to Fiberglass in E2E making them lighter.
  • We have added grommets to each end to prevent the cover from inflating while rolling.
  • Both ends have securement straps for high wind areas.
  • Overall our design is approximately 25% lighter, allowing it to roll with greater ease.
  • The 1 piece design and Buoyancy of the primary layer floats, and will not "Sink" like E2E should the cover fall in to the swim spa.




13ft x 7’6″ (3.97 x 2.31 m)
14ft x 7’6″ (4.27 x 2.31 m
16ft x 7’6″ (4.88 x 2.31 m)
17ft x 7’6″ (5.19 x 2.31m)
19ft x 7’6″ (5.80 x 2.31 m)


Warranty details are given on request and with the delivery of purchased cover.

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